How to Program your Crystal

A lot of people are attracted to crystals (gemstones) and love having them very close in their energy field. Some people feel the gemstone’s energy very quickly. The energy of the crystals can be felt differently:

–       like a tingling sensation in the palm (when holding a crystal) or anywhere in the body

–       as a hot/warm spot in the body or heat (warm) “waves” in our body

–       as a feeling of gentle “pressure”, usually around the temples or on top of our head

–       or it simply feels good and comfortable when we have a particular crystal in our energy field

The crystals have been used for various reasons for thousands of years for healing and directing energy. Sometimes they have also been misused, but we won’t focus on that. The crystals are energy amplifiers (especially the Quartz family) so we must take great care and ethics when working with them, and use them with good intentions and from the heart.

The crystals are naturally responding to our energy, as we are to theirs. Each crystal vibrates at a particular frequency, same as our thoughts, emotions, our chakras etc. Every crystal has a variety of metaphysical properties (healing properties) from which people may benefit if used properly.

We can also program the crystals, especially the Quartzes (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine etc). By programming a crystal we do not change the essence of the crystal, but what we do is literally “tell” the crystal where to direct its energy to.

For example Clear Quartz is a natural energy amplifier and it is a fantastic gemstone to use for general wellbeing and to balance our chakras. We can program it also for a specific thing (i.e. creating a new job).

Steps to program the crystal (please use this method only for Quartz family crystals and not for minerals etc.):

1. We need to cleanse the crystal from any previous programs that may be already in the crystal. We can do that by passing the crystal safely through the flame (candle flame is fine). Please be careful not to burn yourself. You don’t need to hold the crystal with your own hands at this stage.

2. Sit quietly with your crystal placed in your right hand (if you are right handed, otherwise on your left hand).

3. Visualise in your mind’s eye what it is that you would like to create with the help of the crystal that you are holding. Feel yourself in this new situation you are visualising. For example if you are visualising a new job, see and feel yourself joyful, free, abundant, creative etc. at this new job. You do not need to see what kind of a job exactly is if you are unsure what you want. It is enough to just create the joyful emotions seeing yourself excited and full of life going to work every day etc.

4. Once you have the picture in your mind’s eye and positive emotions attached to it, push this picture into a clear balloon in front of your heart then literally blow this balloon into your crystal.

5. This program will stay in your crystal until you pass it through the flame next time. The crystal can be energetically cleansed regularly as usual. The cleansing won’t remove the program.

6. Keep the crystal in your energy field for a few hours every day (in your pocket, gemstone holder, bra, pillow case…).

Happy manifesting!


The Blue Budha

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