Co-creating with the energy of the upcoming Blue Moon

What is a Blue Moon?

The modern day definition of a Blue Moon is when there are two full moons in one Month. This Blue Moon will occur on 31st July at 18:43 pm WAST and we won’t see it again until January 2018.

It is believed that a Blue Moon heightens activity, awareness, and abilities even more than a regular full moon. A great deal more activity happens in the week leading up to a Blue Moon, and particularly on the three nights immediately preceding and following one.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to utilise the energy of the upcoming Blue Moon, to release and really let go of anything in our life that we are struggling with and that is holding us back.

Take time to look at what you would like to change and/or enhance in your life right now. Give yourself the permission to see things clearly and emotionally unattached. Look at the areas of your life that you would like to improve and acknowledge what is it that is holding you back, that has been preventing you to improve or change your situation.

Once you gain the clarity, write down on a piece of paper all that you are ready to release and let go of and then burn that piece of paper with your intention of releasing and letting it all go, on the night of this Blue Moon. This is the most affective when done outdoors, but please be aware of fire safety and burn the paper in a heat-proof bowl or dish.

full moon release

If you love to work with Angelic realm, call upon Archangel Haniel just before your releasing ritual and kindly ask her to assist you with this process.

Before opening your energy to this releasing ritual, we strongly recommend to cleanse your aura with some White Sage smudge stick or Palo Santo, so that your energy is clear and more open. If unsure how to use the smudge stick, check out this short video:

Don’t forget that the energy of a full moon is perfect to cleanse and charge your crystals! Ensure your crystals are in the moon’s light. If you can’t get your crystals outdoors, on a windowsill will also work. You want to make sure the moon’s light will actually hit the crystals.


Happy Blue Moon!


The Blue Budha

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