New Relationships

Have you noticed a lot of relationships are going through big challenges? The relationships are transforming – becoming more harmonious, more co-creative and co-operative. The “power-struggle” type relationships are coming to an end, because the whole planet is moving into unity consciousness. The feminine energy is becoming stronger and stronger and soon we will be able to feel the true equality between men and women.

When we open up to the new paradigm and allow our relationship to grow and shift, we will experience a whole new way of being in a partnership. It will be much more joyful, freer supportive and creative. The more we resist the change, the harder it will be to stay together.


It helps a lot when we start to understand how the male and female energy works. Male energy is a giving energy – it goes out like a laser beam. The female energy is magnetic/receptive energy and goes out like a ripple. When we combine both in harmony and love, we get to experience the most powerful manifesting “tool”.


In the “old days” women were taught to go out and get into action and push and make things happen, which a lot of times has happened not only in the work place but also at home. Women were in constant “action”, constantly giving, but not allowing themselves to receive – not even something as simple as a compliment. By constantly only giving, a woman goes into a male energy, which is clashing then with her partner’s male energy. Unless he then goes into the feminine, the relationship is full of power-struggles. What happens when all of a sudden we have a woman in her masculine and her male partner in his feminine energy? Both are unhappy! The woman, because she feels she needs to do everything around the house, at work, is responsible for everything, doesn’t get a break, feels unsupported, exhausted, etc…. And on the other hand there is her male partner who feels powerless, inadequate, useless, unrespected, unmanly…


It is time for women to go into their feminine and men into their masculine energy, and become who they are in the essence. This way the partnerships have much better chance to survive, to thrive and to become a beautiful example of co-creation from the heart.


Open your hearts and start to feel the love. Start with loving yourself first. There are many wonderful gemstones available that can assist you with this process: Unakite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite. Also using pure essential oils like Rose or Jasmine.


Be aware of how you speak to yourself and start replacing those words and thoughts with empowering and loving ones and watch your life transform….




The Blue Budha Team


(Image by Android Jones)


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