Who are Angels?

Did you know that you have at least two angels around you right now? Everyone has angels assigned to them, and it has nothing to do with any of the “mainstream religion” or religious organisations.

Angels are here to help, guide and assist us, while we are incarnated on this planet. They are powerful high-frequency beings that are always ready to help. Each of us has at least two angels with us at all times. These two angels are called The Guardian Angels and they are with us to protect our physical body, so we don’t leave before it is our time to end this incarnation. Prior to entering our “earthly life” we would have made some agreements with other souls and angels (e.g. who is going to play what role in this lifetime, who are going to be our guardian angels, who are going to be our spirit guides, what lessons are we are going to learn…).

Angels are not allowed to interfere with our free will that is why we need to ask them for assistance. This way we give them the permission to intervene, help and guide us. The difference is only with our Guardian Angels, because we already have an agreement with them on the soul level and they do not need the permission from us to intervene if our life is in danger (and it is not our time to go yet).

When we start consciously communicating with the angelic realm, the number of angels and archangels around us increases. Some people have dozens or more angels around them (on and off). This leads then to divine interventions, strong guidance that it is in alignment with our soul purpose, miracles and synchronicity. Daily communication with the angelic realm also raises our vibration, because when we are communicating with them (aloud, in our mind, in writing, through angel oracle cards…) we automatically become a channel for their energy.

To open up more to these beautiful and powerful energies, place a piece of Rose Quartz close to your Heart chakra. Burning Rose or Rose Geranium pure essential oil will also open up and strengthen the communication with the angelic realm. Place angel figurines in your home to remind you to talk to your angels daily. If you like to work with oracle cards, Angel and Archangel oracles are the best tool to use to connect directly with you loving angels, who are always very excited to help you.

Ready for miracles? Go and ask you angels…


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