The Power of Your Chakras

A lot has been said and written about our chakras and somehow there is still this feeling around that being more in the “upper” chakras (from the heart chakra up) is better than being in the “lower” ones.

The truth is that everyone loves having an open Third Eye (6th Chakra) and Crown (7th Chakra), because it feels good (it feels like “home”). It is almost like a spiritual status symbol, because this means we are more connected to the spiritual realm. And we are, but at this point in time we are in a physical body, on planet Earth that has quite a dense energy. Our soul has chosen this lifetime to experience the density of a physical body, including all the various emotions that we are exposed to here, which makes the incarnation on this planet so unique and sometimes challenging.

chakra meaning

This means it is very important to be grounded at all times and to be equally in the “bottom” chakras as we are in the “upper” ones. When all our chakras are fully open and clear, we manifest very easily and clearly in our lives, and we are also much healthier and happier. Our awareness is heightened, which enhances everyday synchronicities and guidance – something that most of us call miracles. We start to see and feel our physical, emotional and mental body as one, which awakens our self-healing abilities, our inner guidance system and our ancient knowledge that have been dormant for a very very long time.

We are multidimensional beings, even when incarnated on this planet. When we really understand the meaning “As above, so below”, we also understand that when our energy is grounded and our “upper” chakras are open to the spiritual realm at the same time, we are like a tree.

turquoise tree

Have you ever thought what being a tree is like? When we start seeing and feeling our energy field like that of a tree, we:

– revel in the connection of our true identity.

– gain the highest perspective available to all our senses.

– tap into a powerful inner resource in a profound, loving way.

– ride on divinely surging energy channels that underscores our existence.

To have all your chakras open and clear is very easy, but it requires a bit of a discipline, just like brushing teeth or having a shower every day. There are many ways how to do it. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Visualize your energy as being like a tree – connected to the planet and to the spiritual realm.
  • Close your eyes and scan your chakras with your inner vision. If you notice darker spots on any of your chakras or that they aren’t spinning, “wash” them with a healing White Light, by visualizing breathing in the White Light all the way into and around a particular chakra, until no dark spots or cords are detected and the chakra is spinning. All your chakras need to be pretty much the same size.
  • Use/wear gemstones that will balance you energy (i.e. if you feel you need to be grounded more, use the gemstones for 1st and 2nd chakras).
  • Regular (daily if possible) physical activity with our bare feet and conscious breathing (for example yoga, or any martial arts, walking on the beach while focusing on breathing with our lower abdomen, etc…)

Embrace your body and listen to it. Pay attention to you thoughts and emotions. Talk to yourself, to your body. We are one with our body and when we fully accept it and listen to it, our body becomes an amazing vessel for our soul and a powerful “tool” to create an amazing life with, while enjoying our incarnation on this beautiful and unique planet.


The Blue Budha

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