Winter for the Soul

For many of us Winter represents stillness, a time of turning inward, a time of hibernation… It is the time when it is cold outside with less daylight time and less sunshine.

Winter is the perfect time to read some good books that nurture our soul; it is also a wonderful time to do some soul searching and find out how we are going… Are we happy with our life, is there something that needs to be changed and released, are there any re-adjustments required….?

Create a sacred space in your home that will help you to re-connect with your inner self through meditation, writing a journal, reading a book, or simply resting there and paying attention to your thoughts and feelings.

A sacred space doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be in a special room. It is wonderful if we have enough space in our home to create a sacred space room, but otherwise it is completely fine to make one when and where you need it.

How to create a high frequency sacred space – a spiritual space for peace, relaxation and calm?

  1. Smudge the place. Use a Sage smudge stick or Palo Santo wood to cleanse the energy of the space you will be using. Don’t forget to smudge yourself also.
  2. Light a candle. Burning a candle stimulates a connection between this world and the spiritual realms. It may also help us to connect with our subconscious mind and our emotional body.
  3. Burn incense. For thousands of years burning incense has been used to complement spiritual work. Burning incense can enhance our meditation and help us to relax and be inspired. Some of the best incense for meditation are: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Sage.
  4. Diffuse essential oils. Some people prefer to diffuse essential oils instead of burning incense. To create a wonderful sacred space by using essential oils, you might like to use the following pure essential oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Rosewood, Vanilla, Rosemary, Orange.
  5. Work with crystals. Hold, wear or place crystals of your choice in your energy field. Relax and invite their energy to work with you. To relax and work on your insight and inspiration, you might like to use the following crystals (placed on your third eye or crown chakra): Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Seraphinite, Angelite.
  6. Use sound/music. To deepen your relaxation and the connection with your higher self, you might like to play some relaxing music, or a Tibetan singing bowl. You might like to do some chanting or singing.

These are just a few ideas that might help you with creating your special sacred space where you can re-connect with yourself.

It is important to do and use what works for you. What makes your heart and soul sing? Feel it and follow it.

Use the winter time to prepare yourself for a new awakening. Just like the sun that is reborn at the Winter Solstice, new possibilities are born within us during this time.